Thursday, July 05, 2007

Okay, so I've been bad at posting on any blog...... Here's what I've been up to- lots of socks, some canning, dyeing and the critters. Of course that's what I'm often up to anyway.

Here is the results of a case of peaches, a few other ingredients and a couple days of canning.....

A case of peaches

Next a couple pairs of socks I have finished in the last couple months.

First of all some panda cotton hederas.

panda hederas

and some cotton blend socks

Cotton Blend ZigZag Eyelet socks

and for some of the dyed yarn pictures- these are for sale at



I've decided to try mystery stole 3, we'll see if I keep up with it.

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Amy said...

I jumped on the MS#3 bandwagon too - damn peer pressure! ;)

So, what yarn are you going to use for it? I'm planning to find some this weekend - so obviously, I'm behind!