Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why was I complaining about navy blue fabric and navy blue thread in my last post? Well it had to do with something I've been working on for Sutter's Fort. I recently finished docent training there, and now I'm getting a period costume together.


These pictures were taken in my parent's living room- with a small house and two cats, there is no way my place is that neat.


The dress is made from a blue and tan plaid "homespun" cotton fabric. I used a pattern from Sutter's Fort called the "1840's Wrapper Dress." I did alter the pattern a little bit to cartridge pleat the skirt. (I had to add a strip of fabric to the pleated part of the skirt and put a binding on the bodice where the skirt was sewn.) I also lengthened it a little bit. In the pictures I'm wearing period undergarments- three petticoats, a chemise, a corset and a pair of drawers. I also need to work on an apron, and I have a straw bonnet that I need to modify a little bit. I'm also trying to figure out how to put my hair up- it's so thick, that while I can braid it, one braid won't stay up on my head. I think I might be able to do some sort of figure 8 bun if I do two braids.

Now I'm very tempted to start on another dress from the Laughing Moon Ladies' Round Dress pattern. I'm leaning toward view B, or maybe view C with the sleeves of view B.

Friday, January 18, 2008

When hand sewing with navy blue thread on navy blue fabric, an Ott light is an invaluable tool.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What I'm doing this year....

I have many projects going on in the fibery world. I've been working on an 1847 costume on the sewing front. It's coming along, but I'm getting distracted by other things too.

I've finished several pairs of socks this year, you can see them all right here.
This pair is made from handspun BFL
Shetland lace socks

I've started a few new pairs of socks, one is a pair of cabled socks with trekking.
Cabled Trekking sock
it's farther along than the picture now, but this one shows the cables better. I've also got a regia cotton surf sock started, as well as a pair of mittens from Folk Mittens.