Friday, October 26, 2007

Olives and Socks....

Okay, so I went to my brother's house and picked olives this past weekend- I've now got 7 pints of pickled olives on my counter, as well as a quart in the fridge. I hope that they're all edible, the ones I've eaten so far were YUMMY!

I also finished a pair of socks I started a while ago.
Dragonfly socks

They're a pair of the Dragonfly socks pattern that I have for free on my website. I started them MONTHS ago, to test knit the pattern, I finally finished the second sock on Sunday. I wore them yesterday for "crazy sock day" at school, but the kids were disappointed that my socks matched each other...

When I finished those socks, I cast on some handspun BFL yarn in a jaywalker pattern. It's already been frogged and another pattern that better suits the yarn started with it- but here's a picture of the original attempt.
Denim handspun BFL sock

I'm taking Archemedes and his sister to a show on Sunday, let's hope that they do well!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Okay, here are some quick pictures of what I've been doing when I'm not working...

An easy lace scarf- it's called "Rabbit Tracks" and I thought it was appropriate for an angora and texel blend handspun yarn.
Rabbit Tracks scarf

You can find the pattern here.

Here is the guinea pig I have in the most coat right now- it's not a great picture, but he's got wonderful curl!
Tigger's Archimedes