Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A new dress-

It's not the best picture, as I'd just had a tooth filled, but I do like the dress. I didn't think that the skirt was full enough, so I made a corded petticoat to wear under it. I do like how the skirt fits with the corded petticoat, a tucked petticoat and my full plain petticoat layered under it. I wore it with my new robert land boots to a Civil War period dance on Saturday. (yes, I know it's about 15 years too early.... It's what I had!)

I have been knitting a little bit, I've got several socks going, and a pair of mittens almost finished. I also finally decided to just serge the raw edges of the towels I took off of my loom months ago. I hope that they hold up, but they've already been gifted, so I don't have any pictures of them. I also made a dress for Gianna, but it's still a little big for her.

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