Thursday, January 08, 2009

Two "new" toys.

One belonged to a friend of my dad's. It's a 1908 Singer 66K-1.

Closeup of 1908 Singer 66-1 treadle

It has Brown Lotus decals and my dad restored the cabinet. (I guess it was in pretty poor shape, I still need to work on gluing down a loose part of the veneer. The machine itself is in great shape.

1908 Singer 66-1 Treadle

The other machine was my great grandmother's White Family Rotary. It's a 1909 machine and sews wonderfully, even though it's in not as nice cosmetic condition. I'll need to do some work on the cabinet, as it got left outside for a while.

My great grandma's sewing machine

My great grandmother's sewing machine

After tuning them up, I've been playing with them and made a couple of modern dresses, a small carpetbag and a cat bed.

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